1. Botting is allowed! (Gold Botting with or without Proxies is forbidden)
2. The Team should be treated with respect! rules must be followed!
3. Don't insult other Players, be friendly!
4. Begging for Items or Events is not allowed!
5. PK2 Editing are completely forbidden!
6. If you found a bug , you must report it and not use it.!
7. Murder on Events is not allowed!

Server Stats

    • GameServer : Online
    • Players Online : 49/ 1000

Server Info

    • Cap: 110
    • Degree: 11
    • Race:CH&EU
    • Mastery:440/220
    • Type: Pve
    • EXP: 50x
    • Party EXP: 60x
    • Drop Items: 10x
    • Drop Gold: 50x
    • Job Rate: 5x
    • Alchemy: Max Plus+10 (Without adv)
    • Drop Gold: 50x
    • Magic Pop: 10x
    • CTF: Enabled
    • BA: Enabled
    • FGW: Enabled

Server Time

      Time : :

      Fortress : Friday : 20:00

      FW Reg: Every Day

      CTF: :

      Arena: :

Fortress War

      Hotan : BlackCompany

      Last 10 Unique Kills

      _Bo0oM_ has killed Lord Yarkan

      H_POP has killed Tiger Girl

      _Bo0oM_ has killed Demon Shaitan

      EdmonDantes has killed Cerberus

      H_POP has killed Uruchi

      _Bo0oM_ has killed Cerberus

      _Bo0oM_ has killed Isyutaru

      ALahlAWY_EgY has killed Tiger Girl

      bb has killed Demon Shaitan

      JeeP has killed Tiger Girl